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Limited Edition 150
Giclee on paper, signed, fine art photographic print.
Printed on archival quality 100% cotton Museo Portfolio Rag paper.

Nemo's Friend

AU$210.00 Regular Price
AU$168.00Sale Price
  • Hiding away in his watery hole this little guy came out briefly to get his portrait taken. There are more than 450 species of Mantis shrimp. Varieties range from shades of brown to vivid colours, and are among the most important predators in many shallow, tropical and sub-tropical marine habitats. Despite being common, they are poorly understood as many species spend most of their life tucked away in burrows and holes.

    This image was taken in 2011, Buneken Marine Park, North Sulawesi, Indonesia.

  • Please allow up to 90 days for your artwork to be delivered. Photographs are printed per order to ensure quality control, packaged with care and safe delivery of your new artwork.

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