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Limited Edition 150
Giclee on paper, signed, fine art photographic print.
Printed on archival quality 100% cotton Museo Portfolio Rag paper.


AU$310.00 Regular Price
AU$248.00Sale Price
  • I found this little guy swinging in the current on the edge of an over hanging peace of coral reef. The Fabillina is part of the nudibranch family which are essentially the prettiest sea slugs you can find. There are 2300 known types of nudibranchs varying in size and colour. This one in particular was about the size of my little finger nail, still managing to grab my attention with his brilliantly coloured body gently waving in the ocean current. This image was taken in 2015, Wakatobi Marine Park, Indonesia.

  • Please allow up to 90 days for your artwork to be delivered. Photographs are printed per order to ensure quality control, packaged with care and safe delivery of your new artwork.

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